old books for sale

I love books. Real books. I want to be very clear about this: I’m not talking about how many Stephen King novels you can download to your new Kindle, or those replica pay to print doobries where half of the words are illegible and the pictures are green. I’m talking about real books – those big papery things that look good on your shelf. Be they new and shiny or bent cornered, age tanned and faded with that old book smell, books are fantastic.

books and ephemera

I now have a lot of books. My Father, whose type 1 diabetes eventually beat him, left me a large amount of ephemera and books. I don’t mean a few hundred, I mean a house full – every drawer, cupboard, box and shelf groaning with every type of book imaginable. Old gilt decorated novels, huge encyclopaedias, art and the arts, thrillers, westerns, romance, sci-fi, religion and war books. Nature guides, travel guides and price guides. Annuals, pulp fiction and comic books. Etc.

Some 10 years later, due to space restrictions, I am finally unboxing and researching this collection in order to sell as many as I can bear to part with. It’s not a quick job. Each book, magazine or paper I pick up turns out to be of interest and the more I search, the more I learn about each treasure. With so much information rattling around in my head I have decided to start a blog.

I can’t promise that it will always be interesting but it will definitely be varied! I hope you will keep me bookmarked and visit often to see what I’ve found.


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